August 2023

Some new work in medium and large format film.

June 27 2023


Here’s more closeup/macro work from the past weekend.



May 2023


November 2022

A long overdue update.

December 2020

Here’s some new images and a collection from the archives.

Portraits from Namsaling Nepal

Here’s some more from my archives.  These were taken in Namsaling, Nepal in March of 1999.  I set up the camera in the main street of the village during a market day (Friday) and made it known that anyone who wished to have a portrait taken could simply sit down and I’d take it.  I think it worked out quite well.

From the archives – Nepal : 1989 – 2002

Like almost everyone else, I’m in a lockdown period due to the COVID-19 outbreak.  I’ve been using this unexpected time at home to scan film from the archives.  Here’s a selection of previously stored images from a number of trips to Nepal, going back as far as 1989.  Many of these are from the Kathmandu valley, but a number are from the eastern region around illam municipality.

Winter images – February 19 2020

Some images from winters past.

February 15 2020

Some new images from recent travels.

February 9 2020 – Guatemala project update

I’ve recently returned from Guatemala, where I work with FogQuest on volunteer projects.  FogQuest has been working with the people in the village of Tojquia, in the Western Highlands of Guatemala, since 2006. It is an ongoing project to utilize large fog collectors to provide water for the needs of the people on their farms during the dry winter season. Together we have constructed 40 large fog collectors along with the installation of plastic water tanks to store the water. This has been a very successful project and a demonstration of the long-term viability of fog collection projects when they are conducted with the cooperation of the villagers. These fog collectors provide about 8000 L per day of fog water to the families during the winter season when rain is largely absent.

This latest fog collector was installed by a school, and provides clean water to the school and an adjacent greenhouse.

A video of this project can be seen on the projects page